"We imagine Cambodia in which the vast majority of people become lifelong learners who choose education over entertainment and embrace personal development in knowledge, physical health and mental health to create the life they really want."





"To inspire people to learn more‚Äč, do more and become more in life, which they can become the best version of themselves so that, together, each of us can change our society for the better and live for quality of life."




I. "WOW" the Customers


  1. In everything we do, we care about the quality of our products.
  2. In everything we do, we care about the service design for customer satisfaction. 
  3. Embrace changes to fit customer's needs.
  4. We put ourselves in customers' shoes, listen empathetically to their concerns, and try our best to help them out. 


II. Take the Unconventional Approach of Life


  1. See life conditions that can be improved. Open up to living in a better opportunity ahead and believe that there is a different way to live this precious life.
  2. Ask every day, “what can possibly takes me for the better?”
  3. Try something. If it doesn’t work, try something else.


III. Pursue Growth and Learning


  1. Improve yourselves 1% every day on mindset (the way we think), heartset (purify the way we feel), healthset (make ourselves healthy), and soulset (meditate).
  2. Wake up early at 5 AM, work hard, and take consistent actions
  3. Never stop learning. Read and learn something from everyone.


IV. Connect with People in Meaningful Ways


  1. Make relationships personal and let people know you care about them.
  2. To care is to share. Share everything we can possibly share, especially knowledge. Invite and teach others to share too.
  3. Listen with empathy and try your best to share ideas and solutions.


V. Make It Simple


  1. Simple ideas and contents are easily understood and easier to execute.
  2. When things are simple, everyone can understand.


VI. Give Back to the Society


  1. Sharing in education sector is our first priority. 
  2. Give a helping hand to those who are in need as much as we can.




We inspire people to learn more by creating simply engaging and concise learning platform. We just happen to create a book summary platform where you can learn key insights from a world-famous nonfiction book in personal, career, and business development in just 20 minutes.