Reading, presenting, and discussion will provide you better understand on the subject you read and implement profound ideas in a book. at BookLover Book Club, we provide you all of that.

Presenting Your Work

You will meet up with other book readers on the same book you buy and you will have a chance to present one chapter in the book to others. By doing so, you can share what you learn from the book to others, build more relationship and connection 

Discussion Section

The facilitator will give you some key points of view for a group to discuss and share answers. With the discussion and facilitation from our team, you will have better understanding on the book that you can benefit of to apply to your daily life and work.

Have Fun And Enjoyable Activities

There are many games prepared for you to have fun and development, build teamwork and more. Get this benefit from us and you will never regret.

Get Discount On Books

You will get 10% discount on every book you buy (individual book, book package, and audio book) when you become a book club member.

Payment Fee

You will pay just as little as 15$ per year to get all benefits we have for you.